We offer several standard options to save you money and time when picking you full paint job.

LEVEL 1 : Bronze Re-Shoot 

A full exterior repaint of similar or same color .  This includes all prep-work and all tape and covering of non painted parts.  This paint job is great for cars that have fading paint or scratches and chips but are otherwise in great shape.  The wife's car that needs sprucing up or the kids first car that you want to look nice but don't want to break the bank.

LEVEL 2 : Silver Re-shoot

The next level of repaint for your car using a high quality paint product that gives long lasting shine and color.  For just a bit more you can be sure that this new paint will last for as long as you have the car.  You can choose from a variety of colors and we will take care of minor dings included in the price.  This is an exterior paint that anyone would be proud to show off to their friends.

Level 3 :  Gold Re-shoot

The full repaint you choose the color and we do the rest.  Using high quality paint and clear that will show off your car in the best way.  We do full prep work and we fix small damage all included in the price.  This is the paint job that you will want to go cruising after it is done to show off to all of your neighbors, and that guy on the block that is always barging about his car.  

Level 4 :  Uranium Custom

A paint job so good it practically glows in the dark. This is the full custom paint job.  We sit down with you and come up with the color scheme the scope of what you want done and then give your car the spa treatment.  We can go as far as you want three stage, candy ,  multi color,  if you can dream it we can paint it.  When this paint job leaves here it will look so good that the other cars will have to wear shades to just look at it.  

All levels have a base price except Uranium.  We go over each job individually and give estimates biased on what you need and the specific car.

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